• Services

GMS and associated companies offer a wide array of industrial services including the following:

  • Mining Development
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Fuel Supply
  • Environmental Services
  • Materials
  • Cleaning and Clearing
  • Industrial and Commercial Space and more

Our Joint Ventures

Many of the services listed above are performed by our joint venture and associated First Nations owned businesses. 

Aki-eh Dibinwewzimin (ADLP)

Aki-eh Dibinwewzimin (ADLP) is a majority indigenous owned joint venture between Atikameksheng Anishnawbek, Wahnapitae First Nation, and Technica Mining focused on mine development work in the territory. ADLP’s growing portfolio of services include engineering, underground development, electrical, mechanical, and civil construction, surface and underground production drilling and blasting.

Akiiwan Environmental

The Akiiwan Environmental partnership between Giyak Mishkawzid Shkagmikwe and West Earth Sciences provides Atikameksheg with increased capacity to monitor and manage its environment as well as to deliver comprehensive environmental services to complex projects in our Greater Traditional Territory. The partnership provides our nation with environmental capacity, training and employment opportunities as well as an economic stake on the work the venture performs.

Bagone’an – J&S Drilling

Bagone’an is a majority owned Atikameksheng Joint with Jacob and Samuel Drilling, performing exploration and underground drilling services in our territory, that provides also for employment, training and other opportunities. Since inception, Bagone’an saw nine community members successfully complete Surface and Underground Diamond Drilling Common Core #770200 training. Participants from this program are now considered Assistant Diamond Drillers, and with continued work and training in this field are eligible to become full fledged Diamond Drillers. Bagone’an since inception has drilled on project for Vale, KGHM, and Magna Mining.

CZ Business Park

GMS is currently developing the CZ Business Park. Please contact us if your business is interested in an industrial lot, or future retail space. As we move into the lot allocation phase of development in the coming months, we will be contacting those who have registered their interest with additional information.

The Chi Zhiingwaak Business Park started in the 1990s. The Business development plan was presented on February 10, 2016, and was established in November 2018. This map ties together ideas expressed in the Action Areas of the Community Plan (2013). Given the importance of the goals for economic development, the First Nation has been working on an initiative specific to helping self-sufficiency. GMS is preparing to develop the establishment of an 18-lot business park located on available reserve land at the entrance of the First Nation’s territory.

Constructed in the form of a loop, the business park will provide tenants with a full suite if utility services, as well as immediate access to the Provincial highway network and major industrial and commercial operation in Greater Sudbury. Access to the park will be provided through Reserve Road, located off of Regional Road 55 (or Old Highway 17). As designed, the business park currently accommodates 18 lots, varying in size from 1-4 acres )0.4 to 1.7 hectares), with an average lot size of 1.7 acres (0.7 hectares).


Eshkaa Niibiish Day Inc. (ENDI) is a Joint Venture between Atikameksheng Anishnawbek and Day Inc. which provides extensive construction, transportation, and fuel supply services. This company is committed to employ as many AA members as possible. Eshkaa Niibiish is a regular participant in employment and recruitment fairs in the community.